The Thought Occurs

Saturday, 30 July 2016

How To Analyse Relational Clauses

Q1: Can either participant be made Subject?
A1a: No —> The clause is attributive; the Subject is Carrier
A1b: Yes —> The clause is identifying; go to Q2.

Q2: Is the identifying clause operative or receptive?
A2a: Operative —> The Subject is Token.
A2b: Receptive —> The Subject is Value.

Q3: Is tonic prominence on the Token or the Value?
A3a: Token —> The Token is the Identifier
A3b: Value —> The Value is the Identifier.

Q4: Is the Identifier the Token or the Value?
A4a: Token —> The clause is encoding.
A4b: Value —> The clause is decoding.

Q5: Is the clause encoding or decoding?
A5a: encoding —> the clause is effective: Agent/Token; Medium/Value
A5b: decoding —> the clause is middle: Medium/Token; Range/Value